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How To Create A Club Penguin Account by Ninja Shodow

This was transfered into YOUTUBE because no SWF hosting could save my .swf file.


Protected: POST REMOVED BY NICKO – ON SUSPISCION OF HACKING – In need of your help please

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Test: Cpcheatsrights Newspaper | Testing Version 1.0

Comment your opinion about this brand new Newspaper!

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105 Hits One Day**UPDATED**

This Will Happen April 4th. At least 65 please.

Our goal is to reach 105 hits in one day. And there’s only one way to do that. And that’s…friends & refreshing. If we reach 105 hits one day,we will give away a free V.I.P. pass to all visitors that have commented that day(Read more information below.) Plus,more prizes. Why we need 105? A New Record. Our previous record,104,was in the summer of 2009 in July. Since July is a busy no-school month,we will try to reach 105 not in the summer. We will also give coins for Cpcheatsrights Mart.

Can’t Understand? View More Below!

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In other news,more news will be posted about the April Fools Party and the Penguin Play Awards.  105 Hits One Day Will Be A huge thing to do,and will be impressive for us to give it a try. I have got this idea from the ACP,who got nearly 8,500 in a record to get 10,000. In our way, I want us to at least get 90 visitors. If we fail,I understand that. But we must give it a try. Our VIP Site has very special things so you might want to check it out when you become a VIP!

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This is going to be hard to explain.But here it goes. You can ONLY get Free Visitor VIP Pass when your friend/your referral comments on the website about the post and says “I was brought to this site by _____”.(example: Hi,I really like this pin and I love your cpcheats! I was brought to this site by Ninja Shodow!) If the person says that,you must REPLY to them and say it was you. You have to do this in order to get a free visitor VIP pass. After you have got 2+ referrals,you will get 2 coins.(eg,added to VIP,2 coins,2 coins,2 coins). These is the best chance to get coins for free memberships,coin codes and buddy adds. You can read more here. Once you have reached 10,you get 10 free coins. No Cheating. If I find you cheating,I can(IP Addresses),you will NOT get coins.

Free Coins

People who have commented(NOT REFERRALS) will get free coins. Not all. Just a few. And that number is 3. They will get 7 coins. Here’s how to win.

  1. Comment on the website that you HAVE to say that is good.
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  3. After this is completed,we will hand out the coins to 3 lucky winners.


Did you know each time you refresh,we get hits. 10 People refreshing is almost 10 hits. Try it. It works. But in other causes,friends/referrals do your big deal. Referrals help you on the free visitor VIP pass,and free coins. This is YOUR lucky chance to win. Now it’s your chance for one of the biggest events in Cpcheatsrights in a long time!

This event will be called the “105 HOD” for short. This will be a big memory for all of us. We would like to congratulate our fans that we have clearly reached 7,000 hits and will get 8,000 soon! We also,would like to thank Styln Girl,and Nickbroadhed for their hard work. They have their own websites,where you could view on the Blogroll. Good luck to all of you!

Cpcheatsrights 10,000 Hits Promotion Video

We’d like to give out a Promo Video for our 10,000 Hits Party, which we are trying to make a blast! In our last party,we had 6+ people ,with over 3-7 buddies added! As the title says,I’d like to give out a Promo Video and here it is:

*For Slide Page 4(Buddy Adds),I noticed the top was cut off,but the whole sentence would be: “We will be adding lots of buddies if you guys come!“. Thanks for watching this short Promotion Video!*

Remember to give us a review and you can rate the video! If you don’t see it,it will pop up in the slide after a few seconds.