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Au Revoir

OK… this is kinda complicated. I have a few things to say.

  1. From the title of this post, you may think I am leaving. WELL I AM NOT! But I am going on holiday to France (going skiing) from 28 Feb – the sun after that so won’t be posting.
  2. About the party. We are discussing details for when it will be, possibly when I get back to the UK, but haven’t got anything “penned” in XD we only have a few dates “penciled in”! So, yeah, as soon as we decide what is happening about that I will let you all know.
  3. The reason why I have not been posting much is because due to SATs revision (the work/test that we have to do in Year 6/Grade 6/Primary 7… whatever you call it which determines which standard of classes you attend at high school) I have about 3 piles worth of homework, which is really annoying for too many reasons to post here. So, I hope you understand.

Cyaa 😛


Rockhopper Coming

hey guys rockhopper is coming soon! If you go to the lighthouse beacon, and look at the telescope you’ll see rockhoppers ship coming to back to clubpenguin! Here is a picture of it:

New Igloo Music

The three new igloo tunes are (new igloo tunes also have three stars next to them and are typed in bold):

1. Jungle Quest

2. Flipper Jig

3. Bamboo Forest


-Jungle Quest is from the Adventure Party in June 2009

-Flipper Jig is from the St. Patricks day Party and is in dance contest named as “Patrick’s Jig”

-Bamboo Forest is from the current play, Secrets of the Bamboo Forest

Sports Catalog Cheats



Click on the penguin wearing team green stuff for the green base ball cap and green base ball uniform.

Click on the pitcher’s mound for the red base ball hat.

New Pin

hey guys the new pin is a waggon and is located at the skii lodge. Here is a picture of it:

6000 Hits

Thanks for all you fans for visiting Cpcheatsrights. We had a well-done job without me,though Gwami.org did get me into a busy spot,but I would like to thank the other admins for their hard work,but I would also like to give Admins a tip. Use details! Ask questions(example: What do YOU think about this Orange Puffle?) at the end of a post. Make it creative! Use your OWN pictures. Due to busyness,and homework,I would LIKE Nickbroadhed to post the details on the party. I would review it if I can make it also. I hope you understand all this busyness. I will TRY to do as much work as possible.

~Ninja Shodow

Furniture Catalog Cheats

Ninja Shodow: If you cannot view the video,you can see the cheats here:

Admins: Visual Copy Of Gwami.org But Made By Me(You can view it at Gwami.org also) You can Copy Gwami.org posts which ARE MINE. And some right now is the excuesive,orange puffle,and the newest post(New Surprise thingy)

To Earn the Blue Lamp,click inside the Mailbox!

The Blue Lamp is 100 Coins.

On this page,you can buy Puffle Posters 75 coins each!

In this page,you can click the middle of the Stone Couch for the Portal Box and the Stone Lamp for the HD TV.

The Portal Box is 200 Coins.

The HD TV is 1000 Coins.

On the next page,you can click the first Ski on the Ski Rack for the Snowboard Rack.

The Snowboard Rack is 600 Coins.

On this page,you can click the Santa Hat Snowman’s bird,to get the Nutcracker.If you click the Christmas Wreath’s bow,you can get the Small Christmas Tree. Click the star of the Large Christmas Tree for the Christmas Lights.

The Nutcracker is 950 Coins.

The Small Christmas Tree is 400 Coins.

The Christmas Lights are 30 Coins.

Those are all the cheats in the new Igloo Catalog! What do you think of the new items? Comment what you think!