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You Decide: A Costume for the Stage!

Hello Cpcheatsrights visitors!

There’s no doubt – costumes are always a hot topic around here! The Halloween edition of the Penguin Style catalog comes out this Friday and it’s gonna be stuffed full of costumes. Make sure to get to the Gift Shop early so you and your buddies have lots of time to get ready for the Halloween party at the end of October.

And speaking of costumes, can you help us out with one? In November we’re presenting a brand new play at the Stage – and one of the characters is a Gnome! It’d be cool if you could help decide what his outfit should look like. Click beside your first choice.

Poll should be here,but HTML code isn’t here,so vote on the CP Blog!

Like always with the You Decide polls, we’ve had to shut the comments off because the blog gets way too busy. So comments are off now, but they’ll be back up with the next blog!

Comments have been shut down for this post!

Until then..Waddle on fans!


Ninja Amulette Revealed |CREDIT TO LUX! | Lux’s B-Day!

Heres some  stuff from LUX:

More progress has been made on the construction of the Club Penguin Ninja Hideout and a the Ninja Amulette had been revealed!! Check out more below!

cp blue sky

The Club Penguin Sky has returned to its blue setting but much has changed at the Ninja Hideout!

club penguin volcano smoke

The Volcano is no longer showing signs of hot lava but is still smoking. Inside the Ninja Hideout is what is most important.

ninjahideout amulette1

The Ninja Amulette on the Ninja Hideout Floor is complete although the Construction is not yet over. You can see the Amulette represents Fire, Water and Snow. Soon we will be able to buy the Amulette from the Martial Arts Catalog and take the Fire Path. Then we can continue our Ninja Journey!


A few days ago,was Lux’s B-DAY!So lets give him a happy b-day,since he has helped us for a long time,since the 5th week of Cpcheatsrights.

This site sponsers :Lux1200’s Awesome Site

Costumes Coming ! | Some Sponsers

Hello Cpcheatsrights Fans!

It’s almost time! The catalog that you guys wait for all year will FINALLY be at the Gift Shop on Friday! And the Halloween costumes in this year’s edition…well, let’s just say Club Penguin seen ’em and Club Penguin is  pretty sure you’ll think they’re cool!CP don’t want to give too much away, but CP did get this for you guys to check out:


What do you think? Can you see yourself pulling off some tricks or treats in that? Most of the costumes will only be around in this month’s catalog – so get your favorites early!!!

Also,we have sponser for these:

Club Penguin Lounge(Soon after argue)

Lux1200’s Cheat Site

Chrisdog’s Cheat Site

Cena12121 Cheat Site

Cpcheatsrights Livestream TV

Cpcheatsrights Sportsnet

Cpcheatsrights Staff

Aqua Troops

Ulitmate Cheat Insider

More Sponsers soon.

New Pin

hey guys new pin came out and it is located at the book room.

New Club Penguin Igloo Music

Check out to some new music in your igloo!Heres a pic:

New Igloo Music

new igloo music 2009

Theres four new songs that you can  play in your Igloo,and those are:

  • Campfire Song
  • All the Fun of The Fair (Fall Fair)
  • Spicy Salsa
  • Extra Anchovies

Campfire song is new, All the Fun of The Fair is just the Fall Fair music with a fancy name, Spicy Salsa is the music at the Winter Fiesta and Extra Anchovies is the Halloween Music Secret Room.

Some Credit Goes To Lux1200,Thanks!

Ninja Hideout

Hello Cpcheatsrights Fans!

You guys are definitely making the Ninja Hideout a busy place! It’s cool watching the giant wheel turn when someone uses their Cloud Wave Bracers…. and seeing all the items collected from the scavenger hunt being moved:

Ninja Unite.jpgDoesn’t it make you wonder what Sensei’s doing with all that stuff? Don’t forget that Sept. 27 is the final day of the scavenger hunt (and some of the clues are tricky!) so if you want to help collect fiery items, you should get started!

Check out Answers for the Scavenger Hunt by reading the other posts.

“Awesome,I can’t wait for all the great stuff Club Penguin is having.It`s just awesome.“

-Ninja Shodow`s Comment On The Stuff Going On Club Penguin.-

New Pin!!

Hey,there’s a new pin at the Book Room!Check out Pin Tracker ,it is a lock for a locker….Hmmm…..Does Volcanos have to do with locks?Guess not!

In Other News:

The Scavenger Hunt ends on Sept 28th!Remember to check out our answers(locations for Scavenger Hunt),by clicking HERE!

Rememer to come back for more updates!