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(NEW!!)Blogroll & Edited Page(RH Tracker)

Hey guys,I added a blogroll,so if you wanna be on the blogroll comment on this post.

Yeah,I wanted to tell you the numbers beside the Site is the Rating I rated.Wwe Adam’s is more down because his posts are like 2 days after,like the Spanish Post(he didn’t post that until _________(TBA)[TBA=To Be Announced])so yeah.

Update That The RH Tracker Page turned into the Trackers page of lots of trackers,such as Sensei Tracker.

Check it out!

I’ll post later when another Club Penguin Post comes out!

For now,Good Bye.

~Ninja Shodow Cpcheatsrights Leader~

P.S.Yeah,you  got it I’m going to have a RIGHT at the place to have some fun,and here is the info:

When:July 3rd(Arrival Of Sensei)

Server:Frozen(Check Frozen First)If not there,i will be at Vanilla,not there,Tundra.

Place:Dojo Courtyard(For Un-Ninjas To see me)-Ninja Hideout(Ninjas)

Time:2:00 PST,5:00 EST*****Could Be Changed(CHECK BACK)*****

Thanks.Hope to see you!!

And remember to check out our ninja guide!


New Language & Play Now Button

Well ClubPenguin just added another language! The New language is Spanish. To play in Spanish just go on to the ClubPenguin site and click on “Select Languages” in the top right corner. Then a bar with all the languages will come down. Then select “Espanol”. Here is a pic:NewLanguage

Then when you log on to CP,you will see a list of Spanish servers.

Also,CP got a new “Play Now” button that looks really cool. At first its light blue then when you put your cursor over it it gets darker. Heres a picture of it:Playnow1

Also heres a pic of the new Spanish servers.NewServers


Ninja Shodow’s Edit:That isn’t all the servers,those are the suggested servers,all of the Spanish servers pic is here:

Sky: Oops xP

Spanish Servers

No Party =(

There won’t be a party because,I’m really busy this week.

We will have a real BIG party when we get 1000 hits.I’m excited!

Please invite your friends to this site.

Please visit often as you can,and comment on any page about my site!

And please no spam comments,we got 4 5 already…

As soon as we get 850 hits,the info will be forming.


Sensei is visiting this July!

Go meet him at the Ninja hideout!

If your not a ninja,hurry!


  • Talk to the Sensei and match up there,not Practice Mats,its faster.
  • Buy Power Cards
  • Talk To Long Ninjas
  • Tricks(when you need fire to win they use water,use snow to get another!)
  • Contact Me For More Info!( vphung_2000@yahoo.ca ) please don’t add me to MSN or Yahoo,I won’t add you.

New Page is starting:

The page is Password Box!The Un-needed penguins on that page!It will be updated by tomorrow!

~Ninja Shodow Cpcheatsrights Leader~

P.S.Go on chat if you need me on IMAF chat!



New Igloo Updates Great Thanks To Amitc

A new Igloo Upgrades catalog was released today. There are no new igloos, but there is some new flooring. View it HERE.

To find the new Igloo Upgrades catalog:

  1. Click on the Home Icon, which is located on your blue taskbar in the bottom-right.
  2. Click the button that says Edit Igloo.
  3. Click the Igloo Upgrades catalog.


Here’s the new flooring that you can buy:


To find the Secret Stone Igloo:

  1. Go to Page 2.
  2. Click on the crow bar in the upper right.


You have found the Secret Stone Igloo!

To find the Gingerbread House:

  1. Go the Page 7.
  2. Click on each “candy.”



You have found the Gingerbread House!

To find the Secret Deluxe Stone Igloo:

  1. Go to Page 8.
  2. Click on the door in the Deluxe Snow Igloo.

You have found the Secret Deluxe Stone Igloo!



~Ninja Shodow Cpcheatsrights Leader~

P.S.If I see something i missed,or is to long or need to take pictures,this is what I do.

Ninja Shodow’s Edit(Funny Searches) :

Search Views
pandanda widgets

1.Only Pandanda Widgets Searchs Today :|But.2 =D




Music Update/MSN Works/Army NEWS(Not Top 10)

Starting today, members can head to the Night Club to purchase exclusive tracks to take into the DJ3K game! We’ve been hearing that yellow puffles are excited about the game update… If you’ve got one of these artistic creatures, you may want to try taking it into the game with you!

Night Club

In other news: Check back on Monday because we have something really special to announce! And keep your eyes to the skies because there are going to be some fireworks happening sometime soon. As always, we’d love to hear from you so let us know what you think.


My MSN works!!Yay!!!!!!!!!!

________________________Army News__________________________________

ACP:Firing Flappy And banning,they declare war with the army who keeps Flappy.

Nachos:The Nachos had a…Stagery thingy….Bleh.

WW:Watex Warriors might keep Flappy as Wii said,but the other say no and Wii might leave,but hes mostly staying.

RFW:They invaded Sleet????-.-

Dark Warriors/Golds:Golds turned into the Dark Warriors and is having there first Dark Warrior war V.S’ing IMAF.

IMAF:Having War With DW On Saturday for Ice Palace.

IW:IW said that ACP Contrels all Club penguin Armies,becuase they said any army who has Flappy(or keeps)they declare war.

~ηιηנa●ѕнσ∂σω ¢ρ¢нєaтѕяιgнтѕ ℓєa∂єя~

P.S. I’m on Summer break,yeah…

Review By You(Week 2)

Club Penguin posted yet another edition of Reviewed by You! on their website. If you remember, the question from last time was “What’s your favorite music in Club Penguin?” Well, they picked their favorite answer, which the team liked,and that comment was from Puffyjc!!Congrats!


Puffyjc said:
My favorite music in Club Penguin has to be the music played at Music Jam 08.From pop to hip-hop, there was music for everyone. I had a great time playing with my all-time favorite band, The Penguin Band and taking center stage and pretending I was actually in a band! We also made our own music with DJ3K,a game launched for the party, which was also very cool.

They also gave us a new question to ponder about! “What’s your favorite part of training to be a ninja?” Hmm, my answer would be the cool belts! You can answer this question at their blog HERE.

Funny searchs

Search Views
where are the adventure hunt sea creature 1
where are free itoms barols in the adventure 1
what are the discoveries in the club penguin 1

1.sea creature?? 😐


3.What Discoveries?

LOL.Thats funny,but i can’t login in to MSN and I really want to,well,I’m trying!!Today is my saddest day,my teacher leaves. 😦

“Everything you don’t see everyday,but the ones you been alot and leave for a long time or forever,is really sad,but you can’t live with them forever,life always changes.You could talk in different ways(eg,mail,e-mail,meetings),but how to see them in REAL life?Have pictures and memories,and don’t be sad”

Now,please hope I can get on MSN!!!

~Ninja Shodow Cpcheatsrights Leader(Bold In First Time With Name)